CAIF Factsheets

The CAIF project at commUnity+ targets women who are at risk and ensure they are supported to maximize participation in high-quality education programs and address equity and access. Read more about the project here.

Based on the inputs and contributions of a range of stakeholders, collected during and research and consultation phase of the project, commUnity+ has compiled and released a set of factsheets. These factsheets will be used as guides, in training the adult trainers across the Learning for Employment consortium. Any other adult education provider is welcome to access these through the commUnity+ website. 

We have created this Brimbank Service Directory as a resource to help service providers in referring clients efficiently.

Click the topics below to view and download each of the factsheets.

01 - About CAIF Project

Factsheet 01

02 - Barriers to Education (feedback from learners)

Factsheet 02

03 - Barriers to Education (feedback from support agencies)

Factsheet 03

04(a) - Barriers to Education (feedback from adult trainers)

Factsheet 04a

04(b) - Barriers to Education (feedback from adult trainers)

Factsheet 04b 

05 - Addressing the Barriers Through Training

Factsheet 05

06 - Best Practices for Service Delivery

Factsheet 06

07(a) - Integrated Service Delivery Benefits

Factsheet 07a

07(b) - Integrated Service Delivery Recommendations

Factsheet 07b

08 - Pre-accredited Program Suggestions

Factsheet 08