CAIF 9 project at commUnity+

The Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board's Capacity and Innovation Fund (CAIF) provides opportunities for Learn Local organisations to develop and implement projects designed to meet learner needs and to increase participation and attainment in pre-accredited and accredited training programs.

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The CAIF project at commUnity+ targets women who are at risk and ensure they are supported to maximize participation in high quality education programs and address equity and access. 

The women at risk are working with service providers to co-design the pre-accredited programs, to ensure their barriers are addressed and to support the learners in meeting their needs and aspirations to pursue further education and employment. The course will be developed and delivered by a network of providers who are working together in their local catchment to ensure women can access these programs easily. The program will take into consideration access to transport, innovation-engaging programs to maximise their participation and address some of their life skills issues (financial literacy and knowledge of community support groups) to ensure the women have wrap around services to support education pathways.

Based on the inputs and contributions of a range of stakeholders, collected during and research and consultation phase of the project, commUnity+ has compiled and released a set of factsheets. These factsheets will be used as guides, in training the adult trainers across the Learning for Employment consortium. Any other adult education provider is welcome to access these through the commUnity+ website.

For more information about the CAIF project at commUnity+, contact Michelle Warner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .