Strategic Plan


Safe and vibrant communities where people are engaged, respected and in charge of their future. 


To understand the needs of individuals and communities we serve and provide effective and efficient services to increase economic, social and cultural participation.


  • Responsive
    We will listen to our diverse communities, measure impacts and make informed decisions about the services we provide.

  • Empowering
    We will respect the strength of our communities and collaborate to deliver holistic services.

  • Accountable
    We will be responsible and self-reflective. We will acknowledge and celebrate achievements.


Objectives & Strategies

1. Connect to, engage with and understand the changing needs of our community

  • Develop community needs and engagement strategies for all programs
  • Develop and implement a ‘theory of change’ including co-design, review and evaluation frameworks for all programs
  • Build community strengthening programs and strategies to improve student and client retention

2. Delivering integrated and multi-disciplinary services

  • Develop an integrated/multi-disciplinary service planning framework and service delivery plan
  • Build collaborative partnerships and multidisciplinary approach to assess client needs
  • Provide wrap around services to clients with complex needs building on the expertise of all the programs within commUnity+ and external agencies

3. Develop a sustainable organisation

  • Ensure all programs are financially sustainable and accountable
  • Develop and implement workforce development  planning to build skills and knowledge of the staff
  • Maximize the operational and infrastructure efficiency to support service delivery

4. Build the advocacy skills of and represent the voice of our community

  • Participate in appropriate policy reform and advocacy networks and research to influence decision makers
  • Develop advocacy strategies with community input and participation

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