Strategic Plan


Building the capacity of our community by respecting diversity and striving for social justice. 


  • Engage with our community by being collaborative and inclusive.
  • Respond to the needs of our community and develop quality innovative and flexible services.
  • Accountable by providing beneficial and sustainable programs. 


1. Build relationships and collaboration for improved service delivery

  • Establish community engagement strategies to provide input into planning programs
  • Ensure services are delivered in partnership with relevant stakeholders
  • Commitment to evaluating effectiveness of our programs from both client and stakeholder perspective

2. Deliver services across the continuum

  • Plan, implement and monitor early intervention and prevention services
  • Provide outreach models and flexible delivery models
  • Seamless referral pathways provided with improved referral processes

3. Embed a sustainable future through organisational development

  • Develop mechanisms to monitor quality of service delivery and regular evaluation
  • Commit to building capacity in our workforce and offer ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Value the skills, knowledge and attributes of paid, unpaid staff and community members of commUnity+

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