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The Adult Migrant English Program

The Adult Migrant English Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. The program is a complimentary service for migrants and refugees to improve English language skills and to settle in Australia. As a student, you will learn English to help you to participate in the community and learn employment skills.

commUnity+ delivers the Adult Migrant English Program in partnership with Learning for Employment, a consortium of seven (7) community education providers.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria has recently changed, and you can:

  • Access unlimited hours of English classes until you reach an employment or vocational level.
  • Apply to enrol even if you were enrolled in the Adult Migrant English Program before and have been living in Australia for some years.
  • Keep studying until you reach vocational English level.

Our Courses

22636VIC Course in Initial EAL

VU23489            Recognise letters of the alphabet and their sounds in extremely familiar words.   

VU23492            Participate in extremely familiar spoken exchanges.             

VU23493            Recognise, copy and use numbers and money from 1 to 50.          

VU23490            Use extremely familiar strategies to participate in learning.              

VU23575            Recognise and use extremely familiar digital devices.       

VU23491            Recognise and copy extremely familiar words  


22637VIC Course in EAL

VU23494             Use strategies to develop language learning with support.

VU23495             Begin language learning with support.

VU23496             Communicate basic personal details and needs.

VU23497             Give and respond to short highly familiar information.

VU23498             Read and write short highly familiar messages and forms.

VU23499             Read and write short, highly familiar factual texts.

VU23577             Recognise and use numbers and money from 50 to 100 for highly familiar activities.

VU23578             Recognise and use time in highly familiar situations           


22638VIC Certificate I in EAL (Access)

VU23500           Plan language learning with support.                       

VU23501           Participate in short simple exchanges.                      

VU23502           Give and respond to short, simple spoken information.                                    

VU23503           Read and write short simple messages and forms.                              

VU23504           Read and write short, simple informational texts.                                

VU23236           Recognise and interpret safety signs and symbols.                 

VU23558           Identify settlement services and support.                

VU23568           Locate health and medical information.            


22639VIC Certificate II in EAL (Access)

VU22358             Develop learning goals.

VU23519             Participate in simple conversations and transactions.

VU23521             Read and write simple transactional texts.

VU23520             Give and respond to simple spoken information and directions.

VU23522             Read and write simple informational texts.

VU22369             Work with simple numbers and money in familiar situations.

VU23560             Access the internet and email to develop language.

VU23566             Explore transport options


22640VIC Certificate III in EAL (Access)

VU22384             Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio.         

VU23524             Engage in straightforward casual conversations and spoken transactions.                

VU23526             Read and write straightforward transactional texts.                          

VU23525             Give and respond to straightforward information.                

VU23527             Read and write straightforward informational texts.           

ICTICT214           Operate application software packages.                 

VU22395             Work with a range of numbers and money in familiar and routine situations.        

VU22400             Work with and interpret numerical information in familiar and routine texts


Learning options

The Adult Migrant English Program offers a range of learning options to students including:

  • Face-to-face and you can request a volunteer tutor for extra support.
  • Free childcare services are provided if you are studying face-to-face.
  • Full time and part-time classes during the daytime or evening.

Settlement Language Pathways to Employment or Training (SLPET)

Settlement Language Pathways to Employment or Training is a free two hundred (200) hours course which includes two (2) weeks of work placement to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills of the Australian employment environment.
  • Improve English Language skills for employment.
  • Prepare and participate in employment interviews.
  • Write cover letters and resumes.

Eligibility criteria for SLPET

To join the Settlement Language Pathways to Employment or Training class you need to be enrolled in the Pre-employment English stream and attended class in the last twelve (12) months plus:

  • A desire to be employed and to accept a employment should it be offered at the end of the course.
  • Be motivated to attend classes four (4) days a week.
  • Have confident communication skills to participate in a placement.
  • Show progression in understanding English.

Volunteer Tutor Scheme

The Volunteer Tutor Scheme provides one to one English tutoring:

  • For recently arrived migrants and refugees.
  • For students who work or care for others.
  • For those students who cannot attend class.

The Volunteers spend one (1) to two (2) hours per week with their student in their home or at a local community centre or library.

Distance Learning offers you:

  • flexibility to study one-on-one with an AMEP teacher, at a time that suits you.
  • a personalised English learning program
  • opportunities to meet other AMEP students in virtual classrooms.

Further information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the Learning for Employment consortium for further information.

Recent changes

On Friday 28 August 2020, the Australian Government announced major reforms to the AMEP. The reforms are supported by the Immigration (Education) Act 1971, which has been updated to include the recent legislative changes. The Act:

  • Removed the five hundred and ten (510) hour limit on free English tuition.
  • Extended eligibility from functional English to vocational English; and.
  • Removed the time limits for enrolling, commencing, and completing English tuition for eligible visa holders who were in Australia on or before 1 October 2020.

For further information on the reforms read the Minister's media release.

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