commUnity+ Corporate Services for other organisations

As a community organisation we understand that similar organisations have to make sometimes difficult decisions about how to run their finances in the short or long term with limited resources.

As a result, we are developing a suite of corporate services for non-profit organisations and have already implemented the delivery of financial services.

Using our services means that for a reasonable cost, non-profit organisations can concentrate on service delivery and not worry about the back end of running their organisation.

Our Financial Team are all qualified accountants and have significant experience working with large budgets in non-profit organisations, therefore can provide significant value-add at a reasonable cost.

Clients can access our services for varying periods depending on their needs. We also offer a fully featured ongoing finance package that includes bookkeeping, payroll, budget development and financial reporting.

The future

We are currently developing our capacity to deliver:

  • HR services including assistance in recruitment
  • OH&S assessments and training
  • Facilities management

For more information about this development work, please contact 

Simon Roberts, Manager, Community Engagement and Social Participation

Ph: 0455 076 176

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.