Workshop on Family Violence For Adult Trainers in the West

22 August 2017

commUnity+ organised a professional development family violence workshop in October for all trainers who work with adult learners. The workshop was funded by the VDC Skills First Grants Program 2017
The workshop was designed to equip the trainers with understanding of family violence and ability to address the concerns of adult learners experiencing family violence. It covered important topics including: 

  • What is family violence
  • Indicators of family violence
  • Impact of culture on family violence
  • Legal and other support services for those affected by family violence

The workshops were held on 10 October and 27 October 2017 and included presentations by:

Scott Mills & Michelle Perry, No To Violence 

Lucia Prinzi & Liz Alexander, inTouch 

Greta Haywood, BMCLC

All the presentations can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the links below:

No To Violence presentation

01 NoToViolence ScottMichelle thumbnail

InTouch presentation

02 inTouch Lucy thumbnail

BMCLC presentation

03 BMCLC Greta thumbnail